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About & Contact

Why we do this

Our core aim is to give people anywhere with an internet connection access to authentic-feeling, absorbing environments where they can immerse themselves in playing escape-room type games, without having to travel to an actual location and be locked in an actual room :)

As a team we bring a lot of different skills, interests and backgrounds to the project, such as physical set building, working with electronics and constructing virtual worlds in code. But these are just the starting points: more importantly to us we love seeing people working together, reacting with joy to everything we have built (from the actual set to playing our puzzles) - and having fun with it all.

We love what we do - and we want you to love it too.

How did we get here?

Technology is awesome! It's quite amazing, when you think about it, that we can meet up with people from anywhere in the world via HD video - and not just for (sometimes boring) business meetings but also for those things which make our lives more fun, enjoyable and relaxing, from catching up to game-playing with friends and family...

During the pandemic, video meetings became an important part of people's lives - a way of staying in touch and retaining a sense of normality in very difficult times. We loved that - and we really enjoyed the capability to connect with others in a different way, or trying new things along the way such as running an online trivia quiz and playing D&D with friends. Around this time, we were developing a puzzle box for Scentopia and we began to explore the idea of running puzzle-style games virtually. Of course, one idea led to another... and another... and Puzzled Frog Interactive was born!


We're a friendly bunch and we like to help :) So if there's anything you are not sure about, get in touch!


+44 7540 738 508