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Corporate/Team Building games
Work together, learn together, have fun together!

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Our games are ideal for company team building in the post-Covid world

It all happens via video conferencing and it requires team co-ordination, problem solving and deadline challenges; a rewarding experience to get the best out of your staff.


Players are immersed in captivating virtual environments

Your staff will need to engage their skills and talents to work together remotely, corordinating and directing the remote crew to solve various puzzles and reach goals, whilst exploring exotic locations in a fun way.

Read more about the game Captain Nemo's Treasure here.

How does it work for your company?

Include as many staff you as want

We can run games with team sizes to suit you - from four to twenty players per game, with as many games as your company needs.
You put as many or as few people on each screen as you like; we'll send out the access code(s) ahead of time to a single organiser or individual players - whichever suits you.

Distributed workforce ready

Working restrictions, distributed offices, home workers ... these are not issues to have to solve. If your staff can get in front of a computer with internet access, then they can play.

Your brand integration

We can integrate your logo into the game broadcast and/or promote your company message; you can even include your own intro video.

Customised discoveries and prizes

In our public games, players discover treasures and aim to find the final prize. You can customise the treasures for your players to be items you provide, or we can 3D print custom treasures based around your brand.

Easy pricing

A Puzzled Frog Interactive corporate event for a small team of up to eight, in a single one hour game off-peak, costs as little as £200.
From there, we can discuss additional players, games, and corporate customisation options.

Live competitive leaderboard

For a bit of healthy competition, you will be able to visit a web page showing team completion times after each game.

All game footage is yours to keep

View/download all games to share with your staff or keep for internal training and team discussions.

Not just for team building

We're set up to run not only corporate fun days, but also training, induction or recruitment tasks.

Global times

Although based in the UK, we can operate at times that suit your office locations internationally.

How to book

Email us to start a discussion about the staff numbers you want to include, team numbers, dates, and any customisations we can do for you. We're a friendly bunch who want to make this work with your individual company requirements.

Last minute changes?

Had some players drop out? Want to add more staff? No problem: we understand that things change and our games can be easily adapted with no interruptions to the game schedules.
Payment can be made by bank transfer, card payment, or PayPal prior to game day and any last-minute alterations can be settled afterwards.

How does a typical game run?

Let's imagine you've got fifty staff members broken into teams of ten players per team and you've given us your company logo/arranged for company-branded treasure to be hidden in the Captain Nemo's Treasure game.

We'll run five games through the day with you. We will have agreed each game time beforehand so you can tell staff members when they will be playing, and you will have already given us the names of individual players per team.

You might have ten different screens or some staff might be sharing a screen - it's up to you.

With plenty of time before the first game starts we will send your cordinator or players a game invite, along with links to game documentation about the workings of the submarine that will be an aid to the actual gameplay. As soon as they join the game event, they will see a live stream video counting down to the start of their game. Hey look, its got your branding on it!

At the appointed game start time, the adventure begins...

This might start with a corporate video from your CEO wishing everyone luck (or if he's shy, we can go straight into the in-game introduction :)) We then transition to the live game environment 6,000m under water in Catain Nemo's submarine, where two dive crew have arrived and are waiting to be guided by your staff in their exploration and recovery of the treasure.

The crew will start by introducing themselves and getting a comms check from each player. Teams then work together to direct the crew and camera around the environment, discovering and solving puzzles as they go. Armed with the game documentation they will collaborate to achieve the goal of finding the treasure - but it's not that easy; the dive crew can only listen to and follow the instructions of one person at a time ... and the puzzles need to be solved in a particular order to reach the treasure... and the Co2 levels are constantly rising, with the dive crew having to abandon the submarine when they become dangerously high....

At this point there is a closing video of congratulations or commiserations (depending on the success of finding the final treasure) before a short time period is allocated for players to exit the video meeting.

At the end of the session, everyone can then visit a dedicated web page with the leaderboard displaying team names, success or failure and time taken. Which team found the treasure the fastest? :)

Now it's up to you how to award the winners. If we've created a custom 3D printed treasure for you, we can make sure it has arrived before game day so you can award it at the end of the event. Finally, each game video will be made available for you to watch and/or download, to review at your leisure.

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