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An original and immersive story experience where you work via video conference software, interacting with and directing explorer Kit Hunter inside Captain Nemo's private deep sea submersible The Terra Marique. The mission: find as many artifacts and treasures before Co2 becomes dangerously high and time runs out!

Professor Cadwill, a respected Professor of Archeology and expert in the study of fabled antiquities, has discovered the location of Captain Nemo's private deep sea submersible, the Terra Marique, and needs you to be part of their remote surface-support exploratory crew.

The Terra Marique's value comes not only from its intrinsic historical worth but also from the belief that it is the resting place for the fabled Artifact of Lemuria. The Professor has commissioned theDSSV Deep Explorer support vessel and its deep sea diving bell,The Reperimus diving bell - (image not part of actual game footage) the Reperimus, to visit the Terra Marique. Now hiring a surface support team to direct the exploration ... and hopefully to help bring Nemo’s prized treasures back to the surface after some 150 years underwater.

Inside the Reperimus diving bell - (image not part of actual game footage)

In this adventure, you have been hired as a member of the surface support team, with access to the Professor's research notes (sent as part of the pre-game expedition documents) to help you.

You join the mission at the point where the Reperimus, carrying two of the exploration crew, reaches the Terra Marique some 6,000 meters down. The team is remotely linked via a satellite on video to the DSSV Deep Explorer, fed via fiber optics live to the exploration crew. What treasures might you find deep beneath the ocean?

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